How much is your savings worth?

We believe in the art of building wealth through real estate. In today's economy and banking, my opinion is that real estate investments are the best place to put our money. For safe keeping and high return on investment, purchasing a home that is sure to gain equity or a rental property with passive income built in at the time of purchase is the way to go.

Banking fees, practically negative interest rates and declining service regimen lead me to wonder if the banking industry has lost all standard when it comes to customer support. Glass being half full, I see this obstacle as an opportunity.

In today's market, prices are at their peak looking back at the past six years, interest rates are still at an all time low and "fence-sitting-buyers" have decided to take the leap into the blissfulness of what many of us know as home ownership. Don't get me wrong, we still live in a "landlords market." In Layman's terms, I mean the landlords are making the rules and the money these days. Many folks that have suffered the crisis of short sale and foreclosure, students, families that are rebuilding from job loss, subsidized tenants and relocating employees are all leasing properties, paying top dollar and I do not see that declining any time soon. Although, why pay rent if you don't have to, right? The money offered to us by lenders is practically free these days. These rates are rising quickly and stated to go up incrementally. We all know one thing, and that is, prices go up fast and they come down very slow. I continue to tell our clients, family and friends that this is a sweet spot in our current micro-market and lifetime that anyone and everyone should take advantage of. If you are a young family, imagine what that three to five hundred a month over the next ten to eighteen years could do for your child's education! If you have multiple children, even more important to have passive income and savings. You can have this very easily through making small investments, with little to no down payment and investing smart, to ensure your investment will always return financially. You could also lease your current home and buy a larger home for your family, while the prices are as low as they will be in our lifetime and interest rates are begging you to borrow. We can help answer questions and consult with you, building a customized plan considering your goals. If you decide the numbers make sense, we can walk you gracefully through the process of transitioning or purchasing the right properties for you and your family.

If you are a young, single person or couple today, first, stop paying rent and buy a home. How much money have you given to the guy or gal you are renting from over the past three to five plus years? My next question is, how much more will you give them until you are ready to invest in yourself? This is your life, your wealth building opportunity and future investment. Many of our first time buyers are concerned about choosing a home because they have not yet finished school, they are not sure where they plan to live or work in the future. The truth is, if you buy the right property, whether you live there for a lifetime, sell it or rent it, you will never be sorry…especially when you compare any investment to the negative return of leasing from someone else. We are guiding our new buyers to consider multifamily properties, walking them through total renovations with trusted developers and architects, helping them pay down their mortgage and owner occupying the property themselves, simultaneously. You can see the smile on their faces now, can't you.

Our affluent buyers are looking for similar opportunities, on both sides of the coin. We join our clients in seeing the opportunities in front of us right now and have run through the opened the door to prosperity. You can buy a 2-5 unit building today with a residential mortgage and not only pay off the mortgage in 15 years or less providing passive income for travel, personal interest investment or retirement savings; you can also buy more properties from the income. This is the compound effect. Additionally, the wealthy see this sugar coated chance to sell or lease their current primary residence right now and buy a larger, more suitable home for ten to forty per cent less than they may in their lifetime. This opportunity will not last. Prices have already gone up and continue to do so. Interest rates are rising and every single per cent they go up is money that we will pay to the bank instead of our principal and proverbial pockets. On a two hundred thousand and fifty thousand dollar home, that's another two thousand five hundred dollars that you will pay to the mortgagor for every point the interest rates increase beginning right now, imagine how much money you will pay if you wait to buy? Many of our savvy clients are downsizing and subsidizing their cash in buying vacation homes that will entertain them for years and grow in equity over time, who says you can't be in two places at once? Most of our clients are focused on Green Energy Dwellings where they know their environmentally conscious concerns and carbon footprint are being reduced and their planet saving efforts are starting where they live. Buying, building or renovating an energy efficient home is also a great way to save money,  invest in yourself and our world, at the same time.

If you are putting your money in the bank, are you happy with what you are getting in return? Most of us are not. If you can relate to our clients, maybe you would appreciate passive income in your life, building wealth through real estate and putting your money to great use. Our financial savings is exponentially growing, how much is yours worth? Could it be worth more? If you reach out to us, you will be glad you did. You have my word on it. 

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